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Camp in Russia antworten

Systema Equilibrium
August 20 to August 26, 2007

Exceptional Systema summer camp in Russia under mikhail ryabko supervision with participation of all certified international instructors of Systema in Russia: Sergey Borschev, Konstantin Komarov, Sergey Ozhereliev, Igor Puchkov, Daniil Ryabko, Valentin Talanov.

Number of spots limited to 32 which doubles the opportunity to gain Systema skills. NEVER BEFORE WERE THE INDIVIDUAL CLASSES SO AFFORDABLE!

An equilibrium represents balance...and one of the main purposes of our training is to help people to balance the body, psyche and form. In a high risk situation, we need phsyical balance, emotional balance and the ability to see things as they are...

Physical balance helps us to remain standing- to remain breathing. It stops us from being thrown or controlled by the enemy. Emotional balance helps us to move with control and freedom. We are able ward away negativity and destructive behaviour. And when we are able to harmonise the different systems of the body, we can remain calm, we can see things as they are. Our perception is clear.

In this summer camp you will be shown how to understand balance on deeper levels. The vital principles will be useful for those faced with confrontation or hostility. They can also be applied to our everyday life. It will be revealed, how a person can apply the principles of balance even when caught by surprise or ambushed or attacked with weapons: knife, stick, gun, chain, rope. When falling, when hit or surrounded - there is a road to balance that our enemy does not see. An equilibrium can still be restored even when things don't go as planned- this is Systema...

This work has helped many of Mikhail's colleagues and students to survive in the field. The course is open to students of all levels and there will be some experts attending the camp , who will be able to help you find the signposts and discover Systema's inner and outer Equilibrium.
To attend this unique camp please email us or so that we can help you with your travel arrangements.

Total cost is 1000 USD that includes:

- pick up at the airport and transfer to the camp
- accommodation in a cozy country house on the shore of Mozhaisk Lake on the premises of Our Lady Smolensk Icon Church, in sharerooms for 8 people.
- 3 full meals a day on the open air
- daily trainings, plus a night training
- official Systema Equilibrium Certification;
- T-shirt of participant
- excursion program
- registered participants will also receive detailed information.

The program implies individual classes for instructors and the candidates concluded by certificate award.

Day 1
Arrivals and registration
Lunch. Getting to know each other
Introductory class
Day 2
Morning exercises
Night training
Day 3
Evening training
Day 4
Morning exercises
Evening training
Day 5
Evening training
Day 6
Q&A, talk with Mikhail Ryabko, certificate award
Dinner at Our Lady Smolensk Icon Church frater

For registration purposes you have to let us know:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Residence
4. What martial art you practice, who is your instructor
5. Contact details, inc. tel#
6. Advance payment 100USD (bank transfer)
We can help with the letter invitation for tourist visa. It will be cost about 35 USD.
We will need next information for preparing the letter invitation.
1. First name and Name. (Please write where is surname and where is first name, because sometimes it is not easy to understand what is what taken into account our multinational classes) male or female.
2. Date of birth and the birthplace
3. Number of passport
4. Citizenship
5. Date of issue and extension of the passport
6. The dates at which you plan to come and stay in Moscow and come back home.
7. Fax number for sending visa and e-mail
It will be a good idea to send a copy of your passport.
If you need an invitation, please inform us as soon as possible since it takes extra time (1-5 days) to complete paperwork.

See you soon,
Mikhail Ryabko and staff.


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